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The Profound Significance of Reading Sai Satcharitra: A Spiritual Journey

Sai Satcharitra, written by Shri Hemadpant, captures the essence of Sai Baba’s life and teachings. It is a biographical account that chronicles the miraculous incidents and profound spiritual discourses of this divine sage. Reading Sai Satcharitra is not merely an act of religious devotion; it is a transformative journey that can deeply impact one’s life.

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 50

Chapter 50 of the original Satcharitra has been incorporated in Chapter 39, as it dealt with the same subject matter. Now, Chapter 51 of the Satcharitra has been treated here as Chapter 50. This...

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 49

Preliminary The Vedas and the Puranas cannot sufficiently praise or describe Brahma or the Sadguru. Then how can we who are ignorant, describe our Sadguru, Shri Sai Baba? Thus, we feel that it is better for us to keep quiet in this matter....

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 48

At the beginning of this chapter, someone asked Hemadpant whether Sai Baba was a Guru or a Sadguru. In order to answer the question, Hemadpant describes the signs or marks of a Sadguru: The Signs of...


Sai Satcharitra Chapter 47

Preliminary Blessed is the face of our Lord Sai; If we cast a glance at Him for a moment, He destroys the sorrow of many past births and confers great bliss on us and...

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 46

Preliminary Blessed, Oh Sai, are Your Feet; blessed is Your remembrance and blessed is Your darshana which frees us from the bondage of Karma. Though Your Form is not visible to us now, if devotees believe...

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 45

Preliminary In the last three chapters, we described Baba’s passing away. His physical or finite form has undoubtedly disappeared from our view, but the infinite or spiritual form always lives. We have largely spoken...

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Sai Satcharitra Chapter 43 and 44

Baba’s Passing Away (Continued): Preparation It is a general practice amongst Hindus that when a man is about to die, specific religious scriptures are read out to him, so that his mind is withdrawn from...